'Scandal' Updates: Kerry Washington Gives Birth To Second Child

By Joyce Vega - 19 Oct '16 18:18PM

Kerry Washington The “Scandal” star has become a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

CNN share some additional information on the happy occasion. On October 5, after nine months of pregnancy, Kerry Washington has given birth. This is the second child for Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha. Together they have a daughter, Isabelle, born in 2014.

The star of “Scandal” hasn’t been shy about her belly and has made multiple photo shoots over the passing months and has made a lot of statements about the joy of pregnancy and the happiness of motherhood.

The start of “Scandal” has kept complete silence about the child, and anything that has happened after the birth. For now, she’s being secretive about the child. According to USA Today, she hasn't made any public announcements about it, neither has shared pictures or videos of the child.  

She keeps an active profile on the network though, concentrating more on political messages, than gossiping on the situation of her own child. For now it is known that the child is healthy, without any inherit problems or complications occurring during the birth.

Yahoo reported that Kerry Washington had shared funny stories on Ellen’s show, about the pregnancy, the difficulties that came with it, on the filming set of “Scandal”. She said that to hide her pregnancy on set, during filming, she had to wear big coats, big bags, or stand behind other actors, so her pregnancy would not break the continuity of the show. She noted that neither she, nor her husband wanted to know the child’s gender before it was born. When asked by Ellen about it, she humorously noted that they were hoping for a human.

Kerry may not be the only momma on set, since it is rumored that in the coming season of “Scandal”, Olivia Pope will be pregnant too. Whether that is true or not, only time will show as the next releases of “Scandal” appear.

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