DJI Osmo Mobile Specs, Price, Updates & Release Date: Video Influencers Can Now Create Quality Videos Without Carrying Too Much Cameras Around

By Maria Alamban - 19 Oct '16 18:23PM

For video bloggers who are used to bring along their cellphones with them everywhere they go to record important footages, here's some good news. Shenzhen-based company released DJI Osmo Mobile that will help video influencers produce quality videos for their online productions.

The DJI Osmo Mobile is a handheld stabilizer for your smartphones. South China Morning Post compared this new release with other known gimbals available in the market and said that Osmo Mobile is sturdier and looks way more professional.

Once users get a hold of DJI Osmo Mobile, it will give them a sense of surprise: it will make them feel like they are holding a real, professional camera. It weighs 501 grams, has a black coating and offers a comfortable grip to the users.

Yahoo notes that DJI Osmo Mobile is basically the Osmo users have known, without the 4K camera that's always tagged along with it and costs have the price. You only need your smartphone to serve as your shooting device.

The website also pointed three things that are new in DJI Osmo Mobile when compared to the other Osmo models. One, the audio jack is now turned into a battery charger. Next, the battery life can stay up a little longer than the other Osmo models. It can last for about four and a half hours. However, users will have to make sure that they have spare batteries or power banks to fill the smartphone's battery once it gets trained.

The last important feature is how the DJI Osmo Mobile gets connected with the smartphone. The smartphone connects with the gimbal through Bluetooth instead of WiFi. The DJI Osmo Mobile is priced starting at $299. DJI also made add-ons possible and has included package prices on their website where users can pre-order their latest products.

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