'Gotham' Season 3 Episode 6 Latest Spoilers, News & Update: Penguin's And The Riddler's Relationship Evolve? What We Know So Far!

By Ikee Winters - 19 Oct '16 09:11AM

"Gotham" Season 3 has Penguin (Robert Lord Taylor) elected as Mayor of the city. He gets to deal with the new comers in the city and will decide on what he is going to do with his new found power.

In a report from GEEK, "Gotham" city elects the new mayor and during Penguin's inauguration, he does charity work. Then all of a sudden a group of hooded individuals come into the city and make a mess during his first day as mayor in "Gotham" Season 3.

As the investigation for the group starts, Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) enters the show and takes control in the investigation. He even tells Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) to comply with his requests so that everything will go well and no one gets fired from the GCPD.

Meanwhile, a report in ComicBook indicates that the Mad Hatter (Benedict Samuel) is coming to "Gotham" city in "Gotham" Season 3 Episode 6 titled 'Follow the White Rabbit.' He sneaks into the place to hunt for his next victims. Additionally, Nygma and Cobblepot have a relationship in the show and unexpectedly a familiar person will appear in Nygma's life.

It has already been reported that the Mad Hatter came into "Gotham," city to find his sister Alice. Along the way he gets to meet people who he hypnotizes and does bad things because of his thirst for revenge.

The Christian Times reports that Nygma's and Penguin's tandem is creating more chaos in the city. This week's episode of Gotham Season 3 has been full of more villains who are determined to destroy the city. It concluded with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Lucius (Chris Chalk) trapped in a puzzle created by Edward Nygma.

In next week's episode of "Gotham" Season 3, it is expected that the city will see more of the chaos from the Mad Hatter himself and the other villains who already exist.

Catch "Gotham" Season 3 Episode 6 on Monday October 24, 2016.

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