‘Fairy Tail’ 506 Review: Erza Stops Gray And Natsu; Episode 507 Possible Outcome

By Eileen De Santos - 19 Oct '16 05:06AM

"Fairy Tail" fans where sadden when Makarov sacrificed himself to save his guild from the enemy. Meanwhile, Gray and Natsu continued with their bickering only to be stopped by Erza.

"Fairy Tail" 506 Review: Makarov Invokes Fairy Law

The enemy is about to overrun the guild. In desperation, Makarov decides to use the guild's ultimate weapon - Fairy Law. Erza tried to dissuade the old man from using such powerful magic since it could very well end his life, according to mangastream.

However, Makarov see no other choice. He isn't convinced by Mirajane's argument that they could win the battle through superior tactics. Their enemy not only outnumber them but also received some power boost from Irene's spell.

Makarov's Fairy Law worked. The enemy suffered a casualty rate ranging from 70 to 80 percent. Zeref however, seems undisturbed by the huge loss of her army. Meanwhile, the beleaguered guild fighters paused for a moment to grieve for their master and mentor.

Meanwhile, Gray and Natsu continued with their bickering unmindful of what's happening to the rest of their guild members. The two would have continued with their fight but were stopped by Erza. The two were startled seeing her with tears in her eyes.

"Fairy Tail 507 A Voice": Possible Outcome

Based on the past events, it can be presumed that Erza will knock some sense to Natsu and Gray, according to a tumblr forum post. They will no doubt be informed that Makarov has died. Fans could expect a revitalized although enraged guild heroes to continue the fight. With Gray and Natsu as additional reinforcements, victory may finally be within reach.

However, Zeref may still have some tricks up his sleeves. In episode 506, Zeref mentioned that the Fairy Law used by Makarov originally came from him. His comments seemed to indicate that he has more powerful spells than Fairy Law. The upcoming episode will surely be worth waiting for.

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