'One Punch Man' Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, News, Update: Lord Boros Stronger Than Saitama?

By KLDatoy - 19 Oct '16 15:28PM
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 "One Punch Man" Season 2 is already confirmed by the show makers after Season 1 was successful. With that, fans of the anime are hungry for spoilers about the second season.

Of course, spoilers and details about the show are everywhere. This isn't surprising because "One Punch Man" has a huge following. After season one ended on December 2015, reruns of the anime had been airing.

Sources indicate that there will be more action packed scenes in the new season. It is also said that it will be airing more episodes than the first season. As previously reported, there will be 19 episodes for "One Punch Man" Season 2.

As protagonist Saitama faces different monsters and villains in season 1, he will be facing new villains in the second season. Because of his strength, he always ends up winning. It appears that no one can defeat him and he hasn't dealt with anyone that has an equal strength with him.

Spoilers reveal that Saitama will finally be shaken off his boredom since he will be meet Lord Boros. It is said that after Lord Boros was defeated during their previous encounter, he is now stronger which will make it more challenging for Saitama.

For sure, it is interesting to see how their battle will turn out but as early as now, we can guess that Saitama will still win. Aside from Lord Boros, Saitama will also be challenged by many other villains and monsters including Amai Mask and Garou.

Well at least now, we are sure that we will be able to see Saitama on the screens again. Although there is no exact date for the release of the show, many are speculating that "One Punch Man" Season 2 will be released on 2017 since it was teased recently through a Twitter post that the renewal is indeed possible.


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