IPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Updates, Specs, Review: How It Feels Like After A Month of Use

By Jojan Mathew - 18 Oct '16 23:07PM

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus released a month back and the experience with the phones are worth sharing as it had high expectation due to the considerable improvements from previous versions. When the phone was released, initial reviews suggested mixed feelings. But the fact that, a detailed review can only be provided after the usage for a longer period. A month usage would answer many of the doubts and questions of a user.

The phones are looking stylish, but not as good as iPhone 4. IPhone 7 plus is found to be larger and finds difficulty in holding it. The stereo speakers of the phones have improved a lot considering the previous versions and now give out the louder sound. The cameras of the phones provide excellent photos, but at a dim light, the performance is not up to the mark. The 2X Optical Zoom helps to take closer photos. The battery of iPhone 7 Plus performs much better comparing to iPhone 7 and works for an entire day. The Apple page has the answer for the difference.

Regarding water-resistance, the phones give what they offer, but it is important to remember that Apple didn't cover liquid damages under warranty and mentioned it as not permanent conditions referring that wear and tear over the years may reduce the resistance. The home button is perfectly working, though it looks quite crisper. It is worth to mention one of the issues reported in The Verge that some of iPhone 7 users of Verizon started losing the network when they access Google Maps or Waze. Now, Apple released an update to rectify those cellular connectivity issues.

The display of the phones are much brighter than previous versions, but the 3D touch is quite average. Altogether these are useful devices with the proper sync of hardware and software. It is worth for an iPhone 6 user to upgrade to the latest models, but not much recommendable for an iPhone, 6S user. There is an upcoming update to the software named iOS 10.1, would introduce Portrait camera mode in iPhone 7 Plus. It would create a blurred background to shoot a sharp subject, cited by Forbes.

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