Jordan McRae News & Update: Is Cleveland Cavaliers Willing To Sacrifice McRae’s Shining Potential?

By michael - 18 Oct '16 22:54PM

Availability of the player is what the team is looking for especially if he has a great potential in playing. The shooting guard Jordan McRae is one of the targets for his impressive performances being contributed in the NBA League.

The Cleveland Cavaliers has defeated the Orlando Magic during their preseason game last October 5, 2016, where Jordan McRae led all scorers, Sports Yahoo reported. He got 20 points, seven rebounds, and a total of five assists.

After witnessing his capabilities during the preseason games, he might be wearing another jersey soon that will fit him. It is being said that Cleveland Cavaliers is not the only team who believes Jordan McRae's God-given potential. Observant teams wanted to bring his good reputation in shooting into more extended use, Cavaliers Nation reported.

Jordan McRae can make a score on any part of the floor and can easily pass the ball to an open teammate for a shot. It seems like he found a great opportunity to let his light starts on shining.

On the other hand, the Cleveland Cavaliers might plan something to use Jordan McRae for the better after exposing what he possessed. There is a possibility that the Cavs doesn't like to trade him though many of them are interested in him.

Jordan McRae was signed under $1 million salary in Cleveland Cavaliers to a multi-year contract. His trade availability is very interesting since the Cavs doesn't want to return their first snatched of NBA Title from the Warriors.

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