‘Shameless’ Season 7 Episode 4 Preview, Spoilers & Updates: Everybody Wants The Old Fiona Back

By Maria Alamban - 18 Oct '16 22:17PM

Newfound Gallagher insanity was the main highlight in "Shameless" Season 7 Episode 3. Fans of the series witnessed every member of the Gallagher family go through important life stages.

This just means one good thing: they're all growing up. TV fanatic placed the first spotlight on Fiona in "Shameless" Season 7 Episode 4. Fiona is known to have served Frank and Monica's children very well, without expecting too much in return. Now, she's given the chance to finally set a life of her own without worrying about the children.

To recall, Fiona had her own meltdown stage back in "Shameless Season 4". She eventually got fed up with all the responsibilities thrown at her that she had to break free and do what pleases her. It went overboard that it made her land into the four walls of prison.

It was stated in Entertainment Weekly how everyone needed Fiona after she decided to let go of her responsibilities as trying to be "the mother of everyone". Aside from Fiona, "Shameless" Season 7 Episode 3 also focused on three key characters: Svetlana, V and Kevin. The three are affected with Svetlana's father coming into the scene because of some past issues.

Moving on from "Shameless" Season 7 Episode 3, Cartermatt posted a preview of the upcoming episode. Episode 4 is titled as "I Am A Storm". The report says that fans will witness another crazy turn of events, specifically those that are from Frank.

Meanwhile, another side of Fiona will be revealed in "Shameless" Season 7 Episode 4. After breaking free from the children, she's now up for the challenge in improving the Patsy's Pies' business. The synopsis specifically noted that Fiona will do her best to gather more customers; the first plan she had in mind is to throw a speakeasy party.

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