Jennifer -Casper Updates: Casper Smart Cheated Jennifer Lopez Again?;She Kicked Him Out!

By Jojan Mathew - 18 Oct '16 23:10PM

Jennifer Lopez, 47, broke the relationship with her choreographer boyfriend, Casper Smart, 29, two months back. There were rumors been spread about the reason behind their split, but it has come out. It is reported that he cheated her for the second time and she couldn't tolerate that. He had cheated her two years back and caught, but upon his promise that he wouldn't repeat the same, she remained with him. But this time JLo had to act.

"He said that he changed and became a new man," a source said. "But, he posted videos of bikini dancers of Wisin party in Mexico and did not behave seriously to remediation his habits." JLo was interested in attending a charity event with him, but he left for a party his own, which made her furious. It was in 2011, both of them started romancing and it continued for five years. JLo, who is already married three times, last married Marc Anthony in 2004 and ended the relationship in 2011, cited by The Huffington Post.

JLo seems to have learned how to get the love from her broken relationships and now takes the benefits out of it. "I have a certain set of standards, which I expect from my partner and knows how I need to be treated by him," she said in an interview. "I get more for myself. It doesn't mean that I am talking about material things, but I am talking about love and loyalty; it plays an important role in a relationship and I give that," reports Eonilne.

The actress was rumored to have relationship with Calvin Harris after the break-up with Casper. But no confirmation came on that yet. Interestingly, she has planned to do a Spanish album with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, reports Daily Mail. Both of them had two children together and they might reunite after the album.

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