'Grand Theft Auto' 6 News & Update: The Game Will Have A VR Support? What We Know So Far!

By Ikee Winters - 18 Oct '16 22:17PM

There are a lot of interests brewing for Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto" 6. Three years after the previous version was released, there are rumors coming out for the latest one. It is rumored that this latest version of the game will come with a VR support.

According to MNR Daily, Rockstar Games is on the works to release "Grand Theft Auto" 6. Although there is no official date of the release yet, it is already rumored that the game is set to come out in 2018. It is even considered that the latest game is to have a VR support now that PlayStation VR is out.

Since 2013, players have been enjoying the "Grand Theft Auto" V version according to Headlines & Global News. The game tells a story of two criminals whose lives are changed because of an innocent man.

"Grand Theft Auto" V has its location set in Los Santos and Blaine county. It is rumored that the latest version of the Rockstar game will be set in a different place. It may be set in London if the rumors are correct.

The Gamer's Drop reports that as of this time, Rockstar is not focusing on the release date of "Grand Theft Auto" 6 since they are working on more updates on the previous version. "Grand Theft Auto" V made a huge success in the gamer's world. This may be the reason for the game's sequel to be delayed on its release.

Additionally, with the PlayStation VR on sale now, "Grand Theft Auto" 6 is likely to have a VR support which means a prolonged release date of the game. The five-year gap of Rockstar's games being released, it only is possible that this latest version of the game will be launched in 2018.

As of this time, "Grand Theft Auto" 6 does not have a confirmed date of release yet. However, the updated version of "Grand Theft Auto" V is still out that players can enjoy.

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