‘Clash Of Clans’ Latest Update: What Are The Tips And Tricks?

By Jojan Mathew - 18 Oct '16 08:52AM

The developer of "Clash of Clans", Supercell has released an update on Oct. 12, which has added improvements and changed the game up to an extent. This time there is not much of bugs found in the game. Even if there is anything found, it is immediately been rectified by the developer. The tips, tricks and additional features of the game would definitely fascinating the gamers.

It has added an additional feature of "Friendly Wars" to the game, per the developer. This means that a gamer can choose any other clan and make a friendly war with him. This makes two clans to fight each other for fun and practice with customized settings. The gamer has to send a request to other clan and once he accepts it, the fight starts. The fights can be shorter for an hour or it can extend upto 24 hours. It is important know that the gamer doesn't lose any armies or he can't advance to loot if he wins.

Three troop levels have been added to the game with this update that are named as Dragon, Baby Dragon and Wizard. Simultaneously there are three defensive levels also added to prevent any attack from the new troops that are named as X-bow, Mortar and Hidden Tesla, cited by MNR Daily. Additionally it added a Bomb Tower to Town Hall level 8, which helps the players to explode it against opponent troops. The procedure and rule of Clan XP and Clan Wars Loot has been revisited.

The upgrades of Barracks will help the gamers to unlock new troops and reduce the training time required for the troops. Simultaneously, when the Barracks are under construction, troops would train slower or may become unavailable. Also with the latest update the developer has tried to help the players to maintain better balancing of Clans with playtesting gameplay changes and attack statistics, reports Clash of Clans.

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