Nintendo NX Rumor: Upcoming Console To Be Revealed on October 21?

By Eileen De Santos - 18 Oct '16 08:55AM

Nintendo NX fans are hyped up over rumors that the upcoming Nintendo NX will finally be revealed on October 21. Reports also suggest that retailers will receive their demo units on February 2017.

Nintendo NX Reveal In October 21?

The basis of the October 21 reveal comes from a Macquarie analyst report insisting that the Nintendo NX will be reveled in the "coming week". This actually coincides with other rumors such as the one from Squish Turtle, according to PCAdvisor. However, this rumored NX reveal date yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.

Nintendo NX Leak Via Supermarket Retail Partner

Nintendo NX rumors were once ignited when an unknown retailer leaked some of the upcoming game platform details through a Reddit post. Most of the leaks are merely confirms what earlier rumors about the NX.

Some new details did surfaced. It seemed the NX is reportedly capable of streaming at 4K resolution, according to gamesbulletin. However this only pertains to watching videos. For games, the upcoming gaming platform is capable of playing games with 1080 pixels resolution at 60 frames per second (fps).

The marketing phrase, "Interact with your game on the go" seemed to indicate that the Nintendo NX is indeed a hybrid console and mobile game. The pricing for the NX is much more specific this time. The bare unit alone cost almost $300 while the bundled version comes with four new cartridge games and cost almost $400.

Nintendo NX Renamed to Duo Rumor Proven False

There were earlier rumors that the NX will be renamed to Nintendo Duo. However, such rumor has now been proven as a fake.

Nintendo NX Release Date

The appearance of the upcoming Nintendo NX may still be a mystery. Nintendo however, is adamant that the NX will be released on March 2017 as scheduled. This solid piece of information seems to tally with the February 2017 release of demo units to retailers worldwide.

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