Batman Arkham VR: The Best Game For PlayStation VR, Play It And Feel The Difference

By Jojan Mathew - 18 Oct '16 07:37AM

Sony has launched PlayStation VR (PSVR) on Oct. 13, 2016. The PSVR has distinguished and accurate design while it sells at a lower price than any other VR headsets in the market. The PSVR headset is the most comfortably fit VR headset currently available in the market. Sony aims to bring more people into VR platform with this attempt, as many of the people are not much fascinated about VR devices till date.

Testing with different games shown that "Batman Arkham VR" is the most suitable game that can be played in PSVR, as it completely syncs into VR platform. It gives a wonderful experience from the introduction scene. When the assailant walks towards, after killing Bruce Wayne, all the gamers would find a perfect VR experience. The developer of the game, Rocksteady studios have done a clever storytelling that comprising the proper VR implementation along with their directorial excellence, cited by Telegraph.

It showcases the visual treat and the game has option to choose detective vision mode on, which helps players to scan the surroundings for threats and clues, per Express. Gamers can enjoy the detective tricks, tools and high-tech gadgets that are available to Bruce. The Wayne Manor and the Batcave also marks the perfection in development. Also plummeting down to Batcave and suit up made the game more exciting, per the social marketing manager of Rocksteady Studios.

While playing the game, the gamers can see a new Gotham through the eyes of Batman, reports Kotaku. Also players accessing the Bat suit after bio-metric and checking the suit in a mirror after dressed up, are making the game more realistic. The gaming experience far higher than watching a high quality movie. The inline controllers of the PSVR helps all the gamers to comfortably play within the environment of Batman Arkham. The game is smart and thoroughly enjoyable in PSVR environment.

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