Natalie Portman’s Pregnancy—Another Oscar For Jackie?

By K. Avile - 18 Oct '16 05:31AM

The entertainment industry is abuzz with well-wishes and speculations for Natalie Portman's possible second Oscar for her magnificent portrayal of Jackie Kennedy, US' 1961-1963 First lady, in a biographical movie, Jackie. The 35-year-old actress, who got her first Oscar in 2011 for Best Actress for her character in "Black Swan," is pregnant with her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied.

Although Natalie Portman said she does not relate her child or pregnancy to winning an Oscar, she did admit that "her babies might be her lucky charm." Her first Oscar's Best Actress trophy came when she and hubby were expecting their first child, now 5-year-old Aleph.

Portman is excited about the awards speculations about the Oscar for Jackie, where she gave life to the character of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The biopic showcased the private moments of Mrs. John F. Kennedy, during the president's assassination in 1963.

"I think they're good luck charms in life," said Portman, referring to her children, including her current pregnancy. "They're the best things. The best main miracles," ET Online quoted the Jewish actress in an exclusive interview. She described herself as someone "superstitious" yet, she does not impute anything mystical to her pregnancy. Portman commented her pregnancy "is certainly a joy." It was in August when Portman first appeared in public with a baby bump, reports said.

Portman shared how she prepared for her main role in Jackie, saying she watched a 1962-video of Jackie Kennedy giving a tour of the White House and some interviews with Mrs. Kennedy. Natalie Portman commented that the tour video which was also aired on TV on that year gave Jackie Kennedy a hint on what would become of her husband a year after.

"Watching it in retrospect, you get the sense that she almost had this instinct that something was coming," Portman said about the video.

Jackie is set for release on December 2, 2016 in the U.S. and has been selected as an entry in Golden Lion for the 73d Venice International Film Festival.

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