‘South Park’ Season 20 Episode 5 Spoiler: Video Promo Synopsis – ‘Douche And A Danish’ [VIDEO]

By Eileen De Santos - 18 Oct '16 05:29AM

"South Park" season 20, episode 5 is due to air on October 18. However, a number of spoilers and synopsis for the upcoming show is now available.

Garrison Crosses The Line

"South Park" season 20, episode 5 will feature Garrison being reprehensible douchebag during a Presidential meeting. He tells his audience that they will make the country great again. He also launches a tirade of profanities that was cheered on by everybody except for one female audience. Garrison even asked the woman walking out how he offended her. However, the cursing and profanities is simply his ploy to get out of the presidential race. The Garrison video could be watched here.

Gerald Wants TrollTrace.com Stopped

In the last episode, Gerald assumed the identity of Skankhunt42 to harass a Danish Olympic athlete. However, he was forced to remove all traces of his trolling activity after his latest harassment victim committed suicide.

The Danish authorities are planning to launch TrollTrace.com in an effort to find Skanhunt42. Gerald immediately joined other online trolls to put a stop to the website. Fans will have to wait for the upcoming episode to see if Gerald will succeed or will he be unmasked by the authorities?

South Park Season 20, Episode 5 Promo Video Shows Wieners

A short video clip showed a few seconds of the upcoming show. The scene showed the kids and adult of the South Park Elementary School standing at attention during a flag ceremony. The "wiener boys" led by Butters dropped their pants to show their solidarity. The short video could be watched here.

"South Park" Season 20, Episode 5 Air Date

The upcoming "South Park" episode is titled "Douche and a Danish." It is due to air on October 19, Wednesday at 10PM ET/PT at the Comedy Central Channel.

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