‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode 4 ‘Strange Case’ Recap & Spoilers: Will Regina Die To Defeat The Evil Queen?

By Joyce Vega - 17 Oct '16 18:45PM

Previous episodes of ABC hit series “Once Upon A Time” showed Belle has gained sanctuary upon The Jolly Roger with help from Hook, to keep her safe from Hyde. In “Strange Case,” her life was placed in danger from an unexpected foe. In addition, Regina receives some startling news which may just be the key to defeating the Evil Queen, but which may also spell doom for her.

Rumplestiltskin cast a spell upon Hook’s Jolly Roger with the intention of protecting Belle. He work on finding a way to kill Hyde through a serum Jekyll created along with Regina. However, the Evil Queen and Hyde were already in the doc’s lab and had the serum, trashing the place after acquiring it. But there was a ray of hope when Jekyll informs them that he hid a stash of his serum. Which Regina is forced to anoint onto the Dark One dagger by Rumplestiltskin to enable it to kill the monster. Jekyll then seeks sanctuary on the Jolly Roger.

Bustle, on their recap article, mentioned that when Rumple stabs Hyde, he finds out that the serum does not work as it is a fake. Worse, Hyde gets a hold of the dagger and forces him to take them to where Belle is. As it turns out, Jekyll intends to murder Belle for revenge, due to the death of Mary. Now Belle is trapped on the ship.

However, she is saved by Hook who shoved Jekyll onto a harpoon, piercing his heart and killing him. As this happened, Hyde is affected and died as well. Rumple and Regina then realized that the simplest way to end a doppelgänger (such as the Purely Evil Queen) is by killing the original.

It is not known if the Evil Queen knows about this, but it is only a matter of time before she figures out that her partner Hyde is dead. This would make for interesting drama as Regina has to now choose between living, and sacrificing herself to save everyone she cares about from the devastation of her evil twin.

"Once Upon A Time" Season 6 Episode 4, Rumple’s actions have led to a split between him and Belle. They argue and Rumple points out that Belle needs him for as long as she is willing to bear his son. Belle replies that that will not make her love him again.

The next episodes of “Once Upon a Time” might shock viewers with the revelation of Regina’s death, though this is not likely to last long. After all, story book heroes always rise when all seems lost. Do you think Regina will die?

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