‘South Park’ Season 20 Episode 4 Live Stream, Recap, Updates: 'Weiners Out'

By Maria Alamban - 17 Oct '16 18:47PM

After "South Park" Season 20 went on a break for a week, it went on air for its 4th episode titled "Weiners Out" last October 12.

"South Park" Season 20 premiere episode left viewers questioning who the troll was. It was revealed in the latest episode that it was Gerald (Kyle's dad) who trolled everyone and not Cartman who received all the hatred since Season 20 came out. IGN reports that season 20 focused on the civil war that the boys and girls of South Park Elementary are going through.

The girls cry for justice against online harassment while the boys defend themselves by highlighting that not all men are doing the same negative things online. Thus, the hashtag #NotAllMen. The report also notes the recent audio scandal Donald Trump got involved in just recently. All of a sudden, the episode went very relevant to the issue at hand.

Meanwhile, TV Overmind points out the most intriguing part of "South Park" Season 20 Episode 4 plot. It is the how Gerald is facing consequences of his actions as a troll - he pushed someone to commit suicide, impelled an uprising in South Park and forced a company to build an anti-trolling software.

The report also noticed that the first four episodes of "South Park" Season 20 revolved around three characters, Stone, Parker and Gerald and how they are doing their best to resolve issues. Especially for Gerald who has now felt very regretful for all the things he did which are now getting off control. The Bitbag states that one way for the girls to get revenge in the whole online hullabaloo is to break up with their boyfriends. "South Park" Season 20 Episode 4 can be seen through live stream at Southpark.cc.com. However, if you are not allowed to view it because of regional constrictions, you may head to cc.com or hulu.com.

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