Fairy Tail Episode 506 Spoiler Alert: Will Makarov’s Sacrifice Help Bring Back Gray & Natsu?

By Eileen De Santos - 17 Oct '16 18:45PM

Fairy Tail manga episode 506 will reveal if Makarov's sacrifice has been successful in protecting the younger generation. Hopefully, the Gray and Natsu will finally abandon their pointless fight and helped their fellow guild members.

Makarov and Fairy Tail Law

In the last manga episode 505, The Fairy Tail guild is slowly being wiped out by the Zeref army. Any hope of victory seemed to have been lost when Lady Eileen gave her allies a spell that made them considerably stronger, according to christiantoday. Earlier, the Fairy Tail guild seemed to be turning the tide in their favor.

Makarov realized how grim the situation has become. He decided to invoke the greatest and most powerful spell the guild ever had, Fairy Law. Unfortunately, the spell will likely cost him his life. Mavis pleaded with Makarov to ditch his plan and instead believed that her strategy will prevail.

However, Makarov sees no other way to protect the guild's younger generation. He proceeded with his plans and invoked the Fairy Law. The spell took effect almost immediately and a huge explosion seemed to have wiped out the enemy. The last page showed Makarov standing still but no indication if he is still alive.

Fairy Tail Manga Episode 506 - Broken Bonds

The upcoming manga episode will most certainly show the grieving guild members. Readers can expect to see the Fairy Tail guild rising up and fighting back their enemies with a vengeance. There is also a likely possibility that Gray and Natsu will realize that they have abandoned their guild members due to their petty quarrels.

Fans may yet see them in action saving their beleaguered colleagues from the Alvarez Army. It may also be possible no matter how slim that Makarov may yet survive. If the Fairy Tail heroes survive the battle, they may yet prevail against Zeref and his Spriggan 12 in the following manga episodes.

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