Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveals Characters in Extended Preview, To Feature Adventures in Alola

By Ramon Ramiro - 17 Oct '16 23:16PM

Pokemon Sun and Moon the anime released an extended trailer for the cast of 'Gathering in the Pokemon House?' to watch. Set in the Alolan region, the extended trailer shows new characters, and a completely different storyline from previous versions of Pokemon animes.

According to Crunchyroll, in this new Pokemon anime, Ash/Satoshi will go to school. Samson Oak, professor Oak's cousin and leading observer on how Alola has changed its Pokemon, is the school principal. Professor Kukui, authority on Pokemon moves, is Ash/Satoshi's homeroom teacher and guardian (yes, he will no longer be going around unsupervised).

Ash/Satoshi will also have classmates, which include Lillie, Lana (the eldest daughter of a local fisherman), Mallow (who also works at their family's cafe), Sophocles (a kid who loves science), and Kiawe (a local farmer's son). The anime will follow his school activities as he tries to graduate.

Ash will also meet Kapu Kokeko, the god who protect the Alola region, reports Anime News Network. It sounds like this series will be unlike any Pokemon anime from before. If anything, the art style gives of a completely different feel as well. One can only wonder how fans will like (or dislike) all the changes.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to premiere in Japan on TV Tokyo and affiliated stations on November 17. The first episode is said to be a 1-hour special.

In other Pokemon Sun and Moon News, the new 3Ds game has released another trailer which introduces the new evolutions. The new trailer features Silvally, Kommo-o, Tsareena, and Ribombee, as well as the Alola versions of Grimer and Muk, reports Crunchyroll. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to be released on Nintendo 3DS on November 18.

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