iOS 10 to finally come with Apple home kit app?

By Ajay Kadkol - 10 May '16 09:23AM

Apple every year have their own applications coming into their own store in a rather obvious way. But now, it's been more than a year since Apple introduced its own foray into the budding market of smart appliances and home automation products or according to the latest trends, let's call it as the "Internet of Things".

However, if you consider the fact that adoption of "Home Kit" by manufacturers and developers has been steady till now but it's still somewhat slow. This was resulted by consumers. This is no doubt a long requested feature. But may be finally and once and for all, Apple might have finally listened to its customers and might soon have its own official HomeKit app, available starting iOS 10.

Now this is far from being a headache or a problem unique to Apple's knowledge. This is one of the common problems that people facing with sudden bursting of their appliances whatever present. Now its pretty evident to arguably agree that most smartphones are unique to their own environments and also obviously come out of the box with their own apps. Now jumping from one app to another to have total control of your appliances is never really a pleasure or rather results in an unpleasant experience partly due to bugs and errors.

So far, Apple has taken about very small moves towards that, only going as far as reserving an icon for such an app.According an Amazon review that's dropped by an Apple employee the company might soon actually release its own HomeKit app in the next iOS version.Although it has been known to be used only internally for evaluation and other purposes restricted to employee environment only. Apple are yet to make their new app eligible for public access. Whether such an app will be really influential or even beneficial is to be debated but it would probably do good by many Apple users.

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