Apple's film about a Teen with Autism attracts Scores of People

By Ajay Kadkol - 05 Apr '16 16:32PM

Apple released an intense yet impactful moving film about Dillan Barmache, who is a teen living with autism. These two films are powerful and also make a strong point in favor of accessibility features, specialized apps for autistic people and more. He was "that kid". That's how Dillan's therapist and communication partner Debora described their first meeting. Autism affects social and communication behaviors.

Autistic people have a hard time communicating with the world. But it doesn't mean they don't have things to say.She said about how he was the kid who was most challenging. In a film by Apple to coincide with Autism Acceptance month, wanted people to learn and live and cope with non-verbal autistic souls like Dillan. You have to forget your standard notions of what communication really means. Just because someone isn't making eye contact with you, it doesn't mean they don't hear you or understand you. Tami, Dillan's mother said "If you're just going off of what you see on the outside,the assumption is often that there's a lack of intelligence.". She described her son as "Not being able to speak isn't the same as not having something to say."It's easy to shut yourself away when you have this disorder because you have a hard time talking with people around you, they don't get that you understand what they're saying, or, worse, other people are talking for yourself and misrepresenting you.

Dillan types to communicate. Software on his iPad translates his typing into words. This helps him tell the world what he's feeling. What he's feeling isn't always good. Dillan describes autism as "lonely" and "hell." Even though not a pessimistic film, Apple's new move inspires a lot of young souls actively taking part in campaigning about Autism acceptance month.

 In 2014, Dillan gave a graduation speech at school. He clearly strives every day to live and to communicate. This film is a fitting and beautiful tribute to his fight to be heard.

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