Kim Kardashian and Kanye Divorce Rumors: Kim has begun consulting with her divorce attorney

By Zubera Rida Syeda - 04 Apr '16 15:09PM
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye Divorce Rumors: Kim has begun consulting with her divorce attorney

"Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries had collapsed after just 72 days and with the media claiming their relationship was just a publicity stunt, there were debates going on behind the scenes about whether the show was toast," reported "There was a real danger that the plug was going to be pulled on them."

The reported: The family matriarch prepared the war room when faced the approaching problem. "Halperin says he discovered that Kris Jenner called a crisis meeting and came up with the idea of moving the plot forward by having Kim date someone else who was fashionable and ideally of African American descent," the source told Radar. "In the end, Halperin says the list included one Caucasian, Justin Bieber, as well as Kanye [West], Nick Young, of the LA Lakers, and Matt Kemp, of the LA Dodgers, who once dated Rihanna."

But, some days back it was reported that the entire family is sick of Kanye's s**t but even more tired of Kim's whining about the marital issues. Momanger Kris Jenner has even told the family she is worried that Kanye is tainting the Kardashian brand with his uncontrollable ego and stupid decision making.

Though Kanye did not match Kim's athletic asthetics the aging beauty gave it a try to save the Kardashian Empire. Kanye accepted Kris's proposal believing his star as well as Kim's would be augmented.

As Radar has reported, Kim and Kanye were recently shocked back to reality when the rapper turned fashion designer revealed to the world that he was buried under 53 million dollars of personal debt.

Since then, Kim has begun consulting with her divorce attorney.

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